Why are cats so much like laser pens?
Don’t let the laser pointer become your only cat toy. You need a range of toys, such as wand toys, that your cat can lean and catch.
During the play, please bring along some plush toys that your cat can easily grab or paste. You can even put some food in some toys for a return.
From time to time, let the laser’s red dots fall on one of the other toys and watch your cat catch it. Make sure you hold the toy firmly before you get out of the light.
Do not direct the light directly to your cat’s eyes. Doing so can seriously hurt your pet’s eyes!
When your cat’s hunting needs and safety considerations use a cheap red laser pointer, I’m sure you and your pet will enjoy this fun and simple toy.

Why do cats find these red dots irresistible?

Recently, when I visited my neighbor, I first saw a cat made entirely with a laser pointer.
The neighbor and his cat, the sunset, under the shed. When I came along, I heard laughter, and saw the sun go down. Obviously, the excitement of the excitement, the sunset did better, caught the little red light.
I can hardly say which ones are most interesting: my neighbor or his cat.